1. Born Lucky

    I was born in the United States, a country that has relatively great living conditions.

    I was born in the Bay Area, a beautiful, sunny area that is full of diversity and really smart people.

    I was born to an immigrant family that stressed hard work and humility.

    I was born to a pair of parents who put their children’s happiness above their own.

    I was born to a family that stressed education and payed for tuition, knowing that education was key to their children’s success.

    I was born to a relatively well off family in which my dad worked, my mom took care of my brother and I, and I focused on studying and having fun.

    I was born to a relatively stable family in which family struggles remained minimal and were always resolved.

    The reason I’m mentioning this is because I recently received a full time job straight out of college, a feat that is becoming harder to do nowadays.

    I didn’t receive the job because I’m an exceptionally smart or hard working person. I received it because I was born lucky.

    Sure, I worked very hard, but I would argue that people working in minimum wage situations work just hard if not harder to barely scrape by.

    Sure, I’m intelligent, but I was not born intelligent. My parents instilled in me an appreciation for knowledge and learning because they believed those to be the most important values to teach their children.

    I would not have gotten to where I am by myself. 

    Not to get all political, but I’ll end with a snippet from an Obama speech.


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  3. A Must Watch

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  5. Internet Addiction

    I’ve recently realized how addicted I am to the internet, particularly the site reddit. I spend so much time each day going through link after link on the front page and on the r/videos page. The wonderful thing about reddit is that the content is so dynamic that I can visit the site multiple times a day and get new stuff. In other words, I do not get content fatigue on reddit, which is great for their site but bad for my health.

    After noticing my habit, I realized that I don’t actually want to spend time on the site. I want to do other things. The problem with reddit is that it forces me into a consumer of useless and entertaining information, when I’d rather be a creator and a consumer of useful and important information, such as the news (which reddit does have but I do not take advantage of).

    Now, I don’t want to go cold turkey on the internet as a whole because I rely on it so heavily for work and communication. However, I do want to kick the habit of going to my web browser, pressing cmd + t, typing “r”, “e”, and then pressing enter without even consciously realizing what I’m doing. 



  7. Trying out a Standing Desk

    I’ve been seeing a lot of news articles about how sitting for long hours is very detrimental for your health. I’ve also been having some back problems and feel pretty terrible whenever I sit down for hours on end at work. So, I stumbled across an article on making a desk for $22 from parts from Ikea. 

    First and foremost, try to avoid shopping at Ikea at all costs. Try anything other store. I went through 6 brackets until I found 2 that matched, which brings me to my second point. If you ever try to buy two brackets, make sure they are an exact match, such that you don’t have to drive all the way back to the store and exchange them.

    That being said, I have finally built this standing desk contraption. After ten minutes of use, I have already noticed that everything shakes whenever I type, and my legs are tired. 

    Let’s see how long I last. 


  8. eranki:

    Rajiv Eranki <rajiv.eranki@gmail.com>

    I was in charge of scaling Dropbox for a while, from roughly 4,000 to 40,000,000 users. For most of that time we had one to three people working on the backend. Here are some suggestions on scaling, particularly in a resource-constrained, fast-growing…


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    “Sweet Life”, from Channel Orange

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